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Not Skinny But Not Fat

Nov 10, 2020

Ok we just watched the last episode of The Bachelorette with crazy Clare (what? you mean falling in love with a dude through his instagram and deciding he's going to be your husband  before ever meeting him and the 20 something other guys who all came to meet you is crazy?? Noooo. Dudeeeeeeeeeeee. Clare's 3 episodes were exhausting. The name Dale has never been said so many times. Ever. Is Dale even into her at all? Well he did go down on one knee after Chris Harrison was like- NO ONE WILL OUT PSYCHO THE BACHELORETTE. Anyway, Arielle joins me in recapping Clare's last episode, and discussing the Kar-jenners recent f ups. Like, i don't know- a trip to a private island during corona times and a massive maskless indoor halloween party KENDALL. Join the rant!
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